Composition Figures

Lead soldiers are well known all over the world. Together with composition figures they were one of the favourite toys for boys in the 1920's and 30's. Christmas without some of these figures was nearly impossible. Nowadays Batman, He-Man & Co have replaced them in our kids' rooms (and I don't know which type of figures are more cruel). But these older figures are not forgotten. They just became old together with their owners and they became valuable collectable items. The picture on the right was taken around 1912 and the note on the backside says in German: "For your review, I just got these".

As much as tin soldiers are a well known item for most people, composition figures are mainly unknown and often lead to astonishing questions: "What kind of composition? Is it plastic?" Well, plastic is definitely wrong. The composition material is totally different from any kind of plastic we know today.

Zur Ansicht - Ich habe sie gerade bekommen.
A proud collector, about 1912

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