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Albert Frederick Arthur George VI, also known as the Duke of York was the second born son of George V and Mary of Teck. Born on 14th December 1895 at York Cottage in Sandringham, he was very shy and suffered greatly with a speech impediment. He overcame this with the help of an Australian speech therapist, and in 1923 he married Elizabeth, now Queen Mother. They had two daughters, the present Queen, Elizabeth II who was born in 1926 and Margaret who was born 4 years later in 1930.

In 1916 at the age of 21 he participated in the Battle of Jutland where he held the position of Sub-Lieutenant.

His coronation took place on 12th May 1937 at Westminster Abbey London a year after the death of his father George V and the abdication of his brother Edward VIII. During his state visits to Canada, France and the United States WWII began in September 1939. He spent much of his time visiting the front lines in Europe and later in 1947 spent several months in South Africa.

Illness during the last three years of his life prevented him from further travel and he died at the age of 56 on the Sandringham Estate in Norfolk on February 6th 1952. Prime Minister Sir Winston Churchill sent a wreath with a card attached which said "For Valour" - These words are inscribed on the Victoria Cross.

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